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Design Philosophy

There are many designers out there that do much more “animated” work. Our philosophy is simplicity, functionality and user appreciation. It is Windy’s preference to stick to relatively clean and simple designs. Get your information across in an easy and direct way. That is her motto. In the end, it obviously all comes down to what suits the client’s needs and wants. When necessary, Windy is able to call on the skills and talents of a range of associates.  But we believe in keeping it simple and easy here at Exceptional Consulting Inc!



Windy was starting to do enough graphic design projects that she figured she should join the professionals and come up with a business name. So in the spirit of her love for old cars, Idle Screw Designs was conceived in 1995. If you did not know, you adjust the idle on an old car using the idle screw on the carburetor.  Years later, she finally decided to register a domain name and came into existence in May of 2001.

In the beginning of 2013, Windy decided to rebrand the company which lead her away from using her Bel Air in the logo.  Doing this created a disconnect with the company name so in April of 2013, she changed the name.  Thus, Exceptional Consulting Inc was born.  Same great service, new name!


Windy has been doing freelance since 1995 with a few permanent graphics and IT jobs scattered throughout those years. She enjoys contracting and freelance for the diversity in projects and the ability to make her own schedule. Windy has over 15 years of experience with a variety of projects.

Exceptional Consulting Inc has a small client base, which makes it nice since we can be very personalized with service to each of them. We dabble a bit in everything, much to the benefit of our clients, but are strong in the areas of IT and web development.  If you are interested in utilizing our talents and services, please contact us.